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The Belgian Congo

Facts Relating to its Economic Development

By M. Horn

Differential Refractometer for Measuring the Salinity of Sea Water

The Fairy Shrimps

The Autumn Moon

The Beaver in Britain

Anomalies of the Animal World—V

Due to Artificial Selection and Breeding

By R. W. Shufeldt

Chlorophyll in Animals

Electro-Culture of Crops

A Review of Recent Developments

Chemical Method of Detecting Deterioration of Wool

Junk is America's Richest War Bride

The Result of Amazing Wastefulness

By James Anderson

The Different Methods of Preparing Rubber

The Relation of Chemistry and Mechanical Manipulation to the Evolution of the Glass Industry

By Robert L. Frink

A New System of Gas-Firing

By A. C. Ionides

Mediaeval Masons' Marks and Graffiti

How the Ancient Artisan Vouched for his Work

Designing and Constructing a Clock

A Simple Mechanism that Functions as Well as an Expensive Regulator

By Guy H. Gardner

Screw Gages

The Human Factor in Railway Electrification

Making an Electric Locomotive Engineer out of a Steam Locomotive Engineer

By W. F. Coors

Food Tests of Shark Varieties

Vulcanization Catalysts

Municipal School of Technology, Manchester

By S. J. Peachy

New Books, Etc.


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