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The War's Effect on Merchant Shipbuilding—I

The Standard Ship and Momentous Problems of Production

By Homer L. Ferguson

A Nomenclature of Smells

Structure of Hide and Leather Fibres

A Gun the Italians Lost

Imitation or Pseudo Coffees

Many Substitutes to Which the War has called Attention

Use of Copper Sulphate in the Destruction of Algæ

Peat Distillation

A Low Temperature Process

The Ethnology of Scotland

By A. Keith

Desert Spermophiles

Spruce Shortage a Big Problem for Air Board

Osmotic Pressure

By W. C. McC. Lewis

Relics of Old-Time Justice

Rough and Ready Methods of the Simple Life of our Ancestors

By Percy Collins

Poles for Electric Transmission Lines

Selenium Cell as Burglar Alarm

Modern Locomotive Practice

By T. A. Foque

The Photoelectric Sensitivity of Various Substances

By W. W. Coblentz and W. B. Emerson

The Utilization of Pyrite Occurring in Illinois Bituminous Coal

Exterminating Tsetse Flies

Fish Hatching Systems

By A. Robertson

Flint Fracture and Flint Implements

Some Experiments made with a view to solve an important Archaeoligical Problem

By J. Reid Moir

An attempt to separate the Isotopic Forms of Lead by Fractional Crystallization

By Theodore W. Richards and Norris F. Hall

Color and Reactivity

By C. Scott Garrett

Maleducation and Malpronunciation


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