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Prehistoric Classification

Steps in the Determination of the Age of Man

By W. J. Lewis Abbot

Influence of the Fineness of Division of Pulverized Limestone on Crop Yield

Demagnetization of Iron

Magic Behind the Trenches

Technical Work as Important as Fighting

Magnetization by Rotation

Some New Paper-Making Materials

The Fish Louse: Argulus Foliaceus L

By Rene Merle

Chemical Laboratory Porcelain

By Henry Watkin

War-Time Smuggling

Burmese Black Varnish or Lacquer

Archeological Notes on the Danish West Indies

The Petroglyphs of The Island of St. John and of Congo Cay

By Theodoor De Booy

Arc Light Efficiency

Black Photographic Images Produced by Kathode Ray

Catalytic Decomposition of Benzoyl Chloride

Pruning Fruit Tree Roots

Rainfall with Air Temperature below the Freezing-Point


How the Sun, Earth and Moon Move

Illustrated by an Ingenious Mechanical Model

Appetite of the Mole

Coal and its Undiscovered Riches

Permanent Magnets

The Effect of Chemical Composition, Shape, Dimensions, Heat, Treatment and Usage

By F. C. Kelley

Features of Locomotive Design

Storage of Coal

Fires in Coal Storage Piles


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