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The Human Potential in Industry

National Efficiency, Now Expressed in New Terms

By Otto P. Geier

Free Gas Mantles in England


An Important Dye Wood

By C. D. Mell

Chemical Differentiation of the Central Nervous System in Invertebrates

By A. R. Moore

Marine Engineering from 1911 to 1917

The Mystery of the Transparent Rat

Safety in Industry

First Aid and Accident Prevention in a Great Manufacturing Plant

Prof. Malladra's Recent Researches at Vesuvius


Between the Tigris and the Indus

A Region of Great Future Commercial Importance

By Thomas H. Holdich

The Efficiency of the Employe

Destruction of Field Mice

Determination of the Density of Solids

Building a Moving-Picture Camera

A Serviceable Home-Made Machine for $6.50

By E. H. Williamson

Practical Wartime Shell Making

Under-Sea Instinct of the Sea Lion

Change of Conductivity of Minerals by Illumination

Color and Color Photography

A Review of Problems Involved, and Methods of Working

By C. D. Hodgman

Stepped Ignition of Gases

Action of Lead as a Stimulant for Plants

Altitude of Bird Flight

Shells and Hand Grenades of Cast Iron


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