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The Biological Aspects of Warfare—I

Instincts and Restraints that Affect Human Relations

By Harry Campbell

Color of Pure Copper

The Value of Ignorance

Zinc Alloys

The Nature of Sun-Spots

And Studies of Their Life History

By A. L. Cortie

The Storing of Coal

Preserving Potatoes by Lime

Scent-Producing Organ of the Honey-Bee

Synthetic Rubber

New Feeding Stuffs used in Germany during the War

Decolorizing of Anti-Halo Plates

Whale Beef and Whales

By Edward T. Martin

The Fur Trade of the United States

America Now the Chief Trading Center of the World

Tempering Copper

Controlling Dry Rot in Timber

National Fuel Research

A Zeppelin Surprise

By Jhadoo Jahaz

Future Trans-Sahara Route

Absorption of Ultra-Violet Rays

Temperature of Liquid Steel

Some Factors in Illuminating Engineering

The Production of Visual Sensations

By F. K. Richtmyer

Flow of Water through Submerged Pipes

Vaccination for Tetanos

The Experiences of an Iron Atom—II

The Cycle of Its Life History

By Charles R. Sturdevant

The Virial Hypothesis and the Theory of the Brownian Movement

The Relation between Pressure-Gradient, Wind, and Friction in Steady Motion


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