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Pulverized Coal as a Fuel

A System that Promotes Efficiency and Conservation of Supplies

By Henry G. Barnhurst

Metal Coloring

The Local Gods of Egypt

Increasing T.N.T. Supplies

The Emu in Captivity

Peculiar Habits That Make Breeding Difficult

By Lee S. Crandall

Fumigation as a Disinfecting Agency

By C. T. Kingzett, H. F. Bottomley and J. E. Brimley

Protective Treatment against Typhoid in the French Armies

Acid Economy in Metal Industries

Some Points in Photo-Copying

Glass Vessels and Organic Researches

The Economical Purchase and use of Coal for Heating Homes with Special Reference to Conditions in Illinois

Poultry Culture-Home Production

Hardness of Metals

Recognition among Insects

Bringing Ships from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic

Vessels Cut in Two to Enable Them to Pass Canal Locks

Encouraging the Salmon in Alaska

Structure of Metallic Coatings Prepared by the Spraying Method

The Virgin Islands of Great Britain

History, Character and Archeology of a Little-Known Group

By Theodoor de Booy

Salt-Cake and Soda-Ash in the Glass Industry

Tractive Effort and Horse-Power of Locomotives

Varying Position of the Observer of the Heavens

Notes to Assist him to Realize the Direction he May be Looking

By Frederic R. Honey

Acid-Proof Alloys

Repair of Concrete Pavements

By A. H. Hinkle

The Biological Aspects of Warfare—II

Instincts and Restraints That Affect Human Relations

By Harry Campbell

The Efficiency of Man

The Uniflow Engine

By H. W. Morley


  • Letters

    Correspondence- January 19, 1918

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