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The Pleionian Cycle of Climatic Fluctuations

A Study Equally as Important as Normal Conditions

By Henryk Arctowski

Burn up Garden Trash

Burn Weeds and Rubbish That may Harbor Insects over Winter

Poultry Culture

Indian Game

New Zoological Specimens found in India

Anomalies of the Animal World—Part VII

Due to Artifical Selection and Breeding

By R. W. Shufeldt

Cats and Game

The Bread Problem in the West Indies

Stock-Killing Animals

Electric Vehicle Performance in Winter

Cold-Weather Reduction of Battery Capacity may be Largely Overcome

By Kennedy Rutherford

Fundamental Properties of Pigments and Size of Grain

The Positive Nucleus of the Atom

Measurement of Screw Threads

Recent Work in Photographic Photometry

By Edward S. King

Scenes at the Coal Mines and some Transportation Problems

Etching Brasses and Bronzes

Indian Boats and their Origin

Exhaust Steam Waste

On the Time of Fall of a Stone to the Center of the Earth

Making Glass Tubes of Precise Dimensions

Fish Food that we Fail to Utilize

Acid Bleachers for Photographic Negatives

The Law of the Inverse Squares

By T. Powell

The Collocation of Plasmas within the Cell—II

A Survey of a Mechanical Theory of Heredity

By Louis Legrand

Apple Scald, Prevented by Ventilation


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    February 02, 1918

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