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The Religion of Ancient Ukraine

In the Light of Archaeology and Folk-Lore

Nitrogen's Part in Nature

By F. Rowlinson

Transmission of the Trematode in Venezuela

Desiccation of Potatoes in Germany

Flameless Photographic Lamp

Our useful Servants: Magnetism and Electricity

Magnetism and Electricity

By J. A. Fleming

A Protective Ditch Fence

Improvements in Zeppelin Design

Periscopic or Altiscopic Rifles

The Causes of Diseases—II

An Attempt at Classification With a View to Prevention

By Ernest S. Reynolds

Modern Abrasive Wheels

Tools Now Indispensable in Fine Machine Work

By Raymond Francis Yates

On a Possible Limit to Gravitation

By Frank W. Very

Marine Steam Turbines and Reciprocating Engines

Uniformity of Internal-Combustion Motor with 6 and 8 Cylinders

The Utilization of Condemned Army Boots

By M. C. Lamb

Germany's Designs on French Iron Ore

Poultry Culture—Perpetual Laying

The Divining Rod—I

A History of Water Witching

By Arthur J. Ellis

Decimal Money in England

Historical Sketch of Convoying at Sea

The Protection of Sea-Borne Commerce

By C. S. Goldingham

Weakening of Photographic Prints

The Future Development of Heat Engines


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