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The Technical History of the Airplane

How the Various Elements of the Airplane have been Gradually Developed

By F. M. Green

Mosquitoes and Swamp Fever at Paris

Drying Vegetables a New Conservation Move

The Process Greatly Extends the Farmers Market

By Arthur L. Dahl

Treatment of War Wounds

Are Concrete Ships Desirable

Our Sun and other Sky-Furnaces

By Charles Never Holmes

Modern Margarine Technology

An Outline of Its History and Manufacture

By W. Clayton

Indian Sumach

The Evolution of Time-Marking Devices

Some Simple Devices that Served Our Ancestors

By Percy Collins

Photographic Printing Method

Is the Sun Due to Explode?


Fruit of The Desert

The Divining Rod-II

A History of Water Witching

By Arthur J. Ellis

A Method of Observation and Measurement of Rapid Periodic Magnetic Phenomena

Insects that Eat Tobacco

The Development by X-Rays of Two New Fields

How the Radiographer has been Able to throw Light in Unexpected Places

By L. E. Dodd

Inducing Rain by Electricity

Platinum in the Ural Region


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