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Economic Industrial Applications of Electricity

A Potent Means for Conserving Fuel and Human Energy

By Norman T. Wilcox

Acid Resisting Metals

Problems Relating to Intercommunication between Wireless Stations

Spark Lengths in Gases and Vapors

Ancient Clock Jacks

Curious Figures that Formerly Decorated Clock Towers in England

Substitutes for Coal for Gas-Making

The Rainbow

By Otto Klotz

Vocational Education in England

Effective Methods of Fly Control

A Review of the Factors that Underlie the Problem

By Thomas J. Headlee

Oil for Air Compressors

The Evolution of the Human Face

Chief Stages in its Development from the Lowest Forms of Life to Man

By William K. Gregory

Mid-Scotland Ship Canal

Cat Tail Plant in Industry

Focusing X-Rays

Single Wave Length Intensity Increased a Thousand Fold

By L. E. Dodd

The Real Dermatology

Meteorology and Aeronautics

Physical Properties and Dynamics of the Atmosphere

By William R. Blair

Tests on German Blast Furnace Slags


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