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War Psycho-Neurosis—I

The Psychology of Soldiers' Dreams

By F. W. Mott

Cloud Photography

Red Sandal Wood

Fighting Snow Drifts on the Railways

The use of the Microscope in Engineering

Science and War

New Plant, Isopyrum Fumarioides, Yielding Hydrogen Cyanide

The Crust of the Earth

Its Composition and Structure

By Stanley C. Bailey

Experiments on Tribo-Electricity

The Bacterial Treatment of Sewage

Some Peculiarities in the Manufacture of Chrome Steel in the Martin Furnace

Anomalies of the Animal World—Part VIII

The Dodo and Other Flightless Birds

By R. W. Shufeldt


By Frank Reeves

Mechanism of the Hardening of Carbon Steels

Conservatism in England

Small Castings from Alloys and Scrap Metals

By Walter J. May

Longtitudizal Sleepers for Railways and Tramways

The Housing Problem in England

Nutrition of Oysters

By Phillip H. Mitchell

Beyond the Microscope

By F. Rowlinson

Black Locust needed for Ships

Comparing and Setting Clocks

A Short Method of Utilizing Coincidence of Beats

By Charles Clayton Wylie

Depolymerization and Oxidation of Raw Rubber

Special Properties of Eutectoid Steel


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    March 16, 1918

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