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An Important Biological Problem

The Significance of Essences and Pigments

By Jean Dufrenoy

Syrian Remains Discovered in Rome

The Sanctuary of Gionas on the Janiculum

By Nicola Pascazio

Detection of Fore'gn Oils in Castor Oil used for Lubricating Aeroplane Motors

To Keep the Airmen Warm

An Interesting Double Star

The Mosquito Question

Migration as a Factor in Control

By Thomas J. Headlee

Best Deglet Nur Grown in America

Height at Which Sounds can be Heard

The Cruisers of the Rails

Oil Recovery Methods

Mediaeval Choir Stalls—I

Design and Decoration of Misericord Seats

Photographic Determination of Auroral Heights

The Sikhs—II

A Sect that Became a Nation

By Sirdar Daljit Singh

Government Department of Inventions in France

Optical Properties of Light-Filters

The Most Practical Accelerator of Vulcanization

Solar Hydrogen Bombs

A Simple Line-Dividing Instrument

By A. Bursill

The Mont d'Or Tunnel

Notes on a High Temperature Thermostat

By J. L. Haughton and D. Hanson

Electric Power in Relieving Coal Shortage

Developments in Alternating-Current Work—I

The Technical Story of the Frequencies

By B. G. Lamme

Birds used in Falconry

Attraction between Two and Three Bodies

By G. Boucheny

Magnetization and Rontgen-Ray Examination


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