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The Gates of Asia

Sonie of the Problems of the Campaigns in the East

By T. Miller, Maguire

The German Petroleum Industry

The Effects of High Flying

Mediaeval Choir Stalls—II

Design and Decoration of Misericord Seats

Saccharin as a Sugar Substitute

Zirconia and Zirconia Apparatus

Some Food Fishes

Developments in Alternating-Current Work—II

The Technical Story of the Frequencies

By B. G. Lamme

Carbonization of Coal

The Ship of the Desert

The Museum of the American Indian

A New and Noteworthy Anthropological Institution

By Theodoor De Booy

The Peopling of the American Plains by the Indians

A Probable Interpretation of Known Facts

By F. H. Sterns

Audibility of Sound

Influence of the Age of the Trees on the Quality of the Rubber

Lubrication of Wire Rope

Sensitiveness of Azides

A Table d'Hote Tree Created by Science

A Remarkable Mummy

The Dufay Versicolor Process in Color Photography

Unsinkable Ships—I

Previous Systems Discussed and a New Method Suggested

By Charles V. A. Eley

Wheat, Rice and Maize Grains

Molecular Heat of Gases

The Housing Problem in England


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