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Present Day Problems of Plant Geography—I

As Related to the Necessity for Intensified Production

By Jean Dufrenoy

The Nearest Star

The New German Schreckliche Gun

Identification and Determination of Zinc in Water

Anomalies of the Animal World—Part IX

Anomalies to be Found among Ordinary Birds

By R. W. Shufeldt

The Crater of Vesuvius

Our Wasted Resources

The Aurora of March 7

A War Training School

The Hypo Scarcity—what to do about it

Wax Modeling from Nature

A Pleasing Diversion and a useful Accomplishment for the Naturalist

By Percy Collins

Unsinkable Ships—II

Previous Systems Discussed and a New Method Suggested

By Charles V. A. Eley

Double Compounds of the Metallic Halides with Ether

Coal used by Locomotives

Preserving Perishable Food Stuffs

A Typical British Locomotive

The Study of Indian Music

Recent Developments through a New System of Analysis

By Frances Densmore

Light Projection

A Short History of its Evolution and Devices Employed

By C. A. Halvorson and R. B. Hussey

Tanning Fishing Nets

Notes on Road Building in Washington's Time

By A. N. Johnson


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