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Biological Effects of Centrifugal Action

A Study of the Causes of Disturbances of Equilibrium

By Hughes Cl*amp*eacute;ment

State-Aided Research and the small Manufacturer

The Old-Time Treasure Chest

One Recently Discovered Throws Light on Contemporary Methods of Iron Manufacture

By Alexander E. Outerbridge

Hydro-Electric Development

Lava Fluctuations at Halemaumau

A Method for Refrigerating Fish

The Junk Men of the War

What becomes of the Wreckage of the Battlefield

Scotland and the Scotch

An Artificial High-Voltage Line

Conglomerate Russia

Present Day Problems of Plant Geography—II

As Related to the Necessity for Intensified Production

By Jean Dufrenoy

Contraction of Volume of Certain Substances when Dissolved in Water

The Relation between Chemical Constitution and Physiological Action

Observations on Dropping

And on the Measurement of the Superficial Tension of Liquids by Means of Drops

By F. Louis Perrot


By Siegfried Block

Alcohol as a Fuel for Internal Combustion Motors

Effect of some Aldaline Salts upon the Fire-Holding Capacity of Tobacco

Parasites of Crops and Cattle

World Economics now being Taken up by Germany


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