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Problems of Atomic Structure—II

Differences Characteristic of Different Elements, and Mechanism of the Molecule

By J. J. Thomson

The Delicious Fruits of Actinidia

Gas-Heated Isothermal Room

Anomalies of the Animal World—Part X

Remarkable Forms among the Reptilia

By R. W. Shufeldt

Iodine and Iodine-Thiourea as Subtractive Reducers for Photographic Negatives and Positives

The Salvage of U-Boat Victims—II

Methods by which many may be Recovered after the War

By A. Russell Bond

Waste Land and Agriculture

Ocean Venison

Whales to Furnish Additional Supply of Meat

Alloys to withstand Internal Air Pressure

Extracting Vaporous Constituents of Coal Gas

Stone Implements found in Australia

The Ether Ball

By N. Johannsen

Storage Batteries or Reversible Batteries?

Problems Bearing on Residual Affinity

By Spencer U. Pickering

The Fourth Colorless Sensation

Increasing the Evaporation in Steam Boilers

A New Thermal Principle in the Boiling of Water

By Carl Hering

Tunnels vs. Bridges

Long Range Temperature Forecasts

A Method of Comparing weather Records with a View to Predicting Future Conditions

By Frank S. Wood


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