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Aeroplane Limits

Types of Military Airplanes

The Possibilities of the Bomber

By V. E. Clark

Manufacture of Silica Bricks

On the Theory of Electrodynamics

The Maple Tree Helps to Relieve Sugar Shortage

An Old-Time Industry Neglected of Late

The Weight of Spanish Cedar

By C. D. Mell

Sea Gulls as Scavengers

Limiting the Rule of Kings

Problems of Atomic Structure-III

Defferences Characteristic of Different Elements, and Mechanism of the Molecule

By J. J. Thomson

New Vegetable Dye from Corea

Tree Planting for Forests

By Shirley W. Allen

Panama Hats

The Chief Industry of Southwestern Porto Rico

By Theodoor de Booy

Odd Paintings by American Indian

What is Tonnage?

The Art of Perpetuation

Museums the Result of Man ' s Acquisitiveness

By Bruce Cummings

Electric Boiler-Heating for Steam Locomotives

The Total Eclipse of the Sun of June 8, 1918

Where it can be Seen and What Amateur Observers can see

By H. C. Wilson

Alcohol in Internal Combustion Motors

Covering Power of Lenses and Stray Light in the Camera

The Corrodibility of Cast Iron

Volcanic Eruptions

A Possible Explanation of the Mechanical and Thermo-Dynamic Results

By Geo. N. Cole

Appearance of Color Spectra to the Aged

Nuts from the Forests

Native Trees and Shrubs Furnish a Large Variety of Fruits, Nuts, and Other Edibles


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