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Ordnance on the Allied Front—I

Developments in Artillery during the War

By John Headlam

Migratory Butterflies

The Treatment of Chemical Subjects by the Daily Press

A Mysterious Fish with Arabic Inscriptions

Use of Stereoscope for Viewing Contour Maps

Anomalies of the Animal World—Part XI

Flying Frogs and other Curious Batracians

By R. W. Shufeldt

Evaporation from Surfaces of Crystals

Quantitative Micro-Analysis

Radiation from System of Electrons

Danger in Flying through Clouds

Battle Telephones

How Orders and Information are Transmitted at the Front

A Dwarf Elephant Discovered

Absorption and Radiation of the Solar Atmosphere

Early Potatoes

Problems of Atomic Structure—VI

Differences Characteristic of Different Elements, and Mechanism of the Molecule

By J. J. Thomson

Colloids and Chemical Industry

Acid-Proof Nickel-Copper-Tungsten-Iron Alloys

Occultation of a Star by Saturn's Rings

Spontaneous Ignition of Haystacks

Submersible Cargo Vessels

Testing Screw Threads

The Coral-Reef Problem

And the Evidence of the Funafuti Borings

By Ernest W. Skeats

Sleeping Sickness and Big Game

Hydrogen Reactions and Catalysts

The Track of a Particle from Radium

Cadmium for Rustproofing


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