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Ocean Cables and Wireless

As Weapons of Commerce

Responsibility of the Dentist

The Deeps of the Pacific

A Wonderful Region of Mystery; Some of Its Inhabitants and Characteristics

By Vaughan McCaughey

Hybridization Experiments

A Neglected Chemical Reaction and an Available Source of Potash

Reduction of Highly Reactive Metals and Metalloids

Gas from Straw

Ordnance on the Allied Front—II

Developments in Artillery During the War

By John Headlam

The Wool Product Dwindling

War Demands Have Caused a World Shortage

The Earth and Population

By Otto Klotz

Oil from Grain Germs

Limitations of our Supply of Petroleum

Salt Water Aquaria in the Home

By Ida M. Mellen

Soluble Nitrogenous Substances as an Index of the Baking Value of Flour

Boiler Corrosion

By Basil G. McLellan

Rare Metals in the United States and their Alloys

Gasoline from Casing-Head Gas

Fractionating Apparatus for Gasoline and other Volatile Substances

Air Pumps and Condensers in Steam Engineering

Earthquake Weather

Notes on the Protection of Eyesight

By W. S. Andrews

Cannel Coal in the United States

Its Origin, Composition, Mode of Occurrence and Uses

By G. H. Ashley

T. N. T. Poisoning

Synchronous Signalling at Sea


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