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The Relations of Matter and Ether

A Simple Conception of the Evolution of Matter

By Charles Morris

Criminal Waste of Natural Gas

Illusions of the Atmosphere and the Traveling Vortex

Locating Submarine Faults

By Otto Klotz

Tire Substitutes for Passenger Automobiles

Fodder Substitutes in Germany and Sweden

Monument Mines

The Granite Hills of Vermont Furnish the Best Materials

By Le Roy Kenneth

Ancient Plant-Names

Gunfire and Rainfall

A New Wax from South America

The Origins of the Chinese

Making Cast Ammunition in France

How Semi-Steel Shells are Made—Composition and the Physical Properties

By E. Ronceray

Animal Camouflage

Smelter Fumes

Experiments in Ray Collecting and Filtering for Microscopists

Conserving Mechanical Ability

How Big Timber is Cut Up

Crystal Growth and Solubility

The Vanishing Art of Ivory Carving

The Manufacture of Tin Plate

By T. Lewis Bailey

Transmission of Coke Oven Gas in Silesia

The Sunflower

By C. D. Mell

The Sun's Position and Rotation

Facts Bearing on its Past and Future Positions in the Universe

By Frederic R. Honey

Revolving Fluid in the Atmosphere

Using Low-Grade Minerals in Germany

The Constituents of Portlant Cement

Wind Observations at the Nauen Radio-Telegraphic Station

Tobacco, Fleas and Plague

The Scientific American Supplement Index for Vol. 85

Effects of Heat on Celluloid and Similar Materials


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