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And the Principle of Relativity

By A. S. Eddington

Bird Life of a Big City

By Lee S. Crandall

Effect and Kind of Rust

Remarkable Progress in War Surgery

A Prehistoric Pueblo Indian Ruin

Explored and Restored by the American Museum of Natural History

Animal Camouflage

The Golden Apple

By Sampson Morgan

How to Economize Coal

Exhaust Valve Troubles

A Report on an Important Aeronautical Problem

War Bread

By Edmund I. Spriggs

Oil Seeds and Vegetable Oils

Soy Beans make Valuable Food

Women in British Munitions Factories

Work Behind the Lines as Important as Service at the Front

Safety First for Foundrymen

Daylight Seeing

By William H. Pickering

Stammering, and the Ladies

By Ernest Tompkins

The Relation of Locomotive Maintenance to Fuel Economy

By Frank McManamy

Drilling Gas and Oil Wells

Meteorology and Aeronautics

The Relation of Topographic and Climatic Factors

By William R. Blair

The Chemistry of Silicates

With Reference to their Use in Dental Operations

By C. C. Voght

Grapevine Parasites and their Treatment

The Alimentary and Economic Value of the Jerusalem Artichoke

Action on Lead by Oak, Mortars and Concrete

Ptolemy's Geography of Albion


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