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The Heavy Oil Engine—I

A Review of the Present Construction and Future Development

By Charles E. Lucke

Nutritive Properties of Kafirin

Why Water Over-Fills a Tumbler

And Floats Glass Plates and Flaky Minerals

By Will H. Coghill and Carl O. Anderson

Standardization of Chemical Stoneware

A Home-made Telescope

A Simple and Practical Instrument for Amateur Observers

By Vera M. Gushee

Pearl Shell Industry in Australia

The Gibraltar Straits Tunnel

A Kashmir Barrage of Hail

By William Beebe

An Educated Ape

Big things in Steel

Some things seen in a Plant where Big Guns are Made

Marginal Fog in Photographic Negatives

The Fabricated Ship

Peat Fuel in Canada

Stain which Tones

Dried Milks

Electrolysis Mitigation—II

Discussion of Causes and methods of Regulation

Some General Aspects of Evaporation and Drying

An Instructive Series of Horse Skeletons

Importance of Petroleum Products

Insects Helpful to Man

Radiation and the Electron—I

New facts require a Revision of Classical Theories

By R. A. Millikan

Botulism in London

The Physiology of the Retina

Currents in the upper Air

The Possibilities of Powdered Coal

As shown-by its Combustion Characteristics

By W. G. Wilcox

New Theory of the Spontaneous Firing of Haystacks

The Tinting Strength of Pigments


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