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Variable Atomic Weights

With Some Reference to Geologic Time

By H. S. Shelton

Charms against Earthquakes

Results of Volcano Study in Hawaii

By T. A. Jaggar

Moonshine Land

Where Slackers and Deserters are Finding Refuge

A Frequent Cometary Visitor

Some Peculiarities of Color and their Bearing on Photographic Work

By A. J. Bull

Wartime Rations for Animals

What the Road Really Costs

By Geoffrey De Holden-Stone

“Cellulon,” A New Wood Pulp Fiber

Cross-Hairs for Optical Instruments

Internal Ballistics

The Red Sunflower

The Story of a new and Highly Decorative Blossom

By T. D. A. Cockerell

Alcohol from Horsechestnuts

Radiation and the Electron—II

New Facts Require a Revision of Classical Theories

By R. A. Millikan

Waste in the Hiring of Men

The Modern Languages Report

Oxygen Tendering of Laundry Goods

Water Hyacinth as a Fertilizer

Zirconia and Zirconia Apparatus

Temperature Sensitive Paints

Banish the Barberry

Common Barberry a Menace in Spring-Wheat States—Spreads Rust to Wheat and Other Grains

Paraguayan Handmade Lace

Geological Structure in Relation to Magnetic Disturbance

A New Form of Mounting for Large Reflectors

By Russell W. Porter

The Heavy Oil Engine—II

A Review of the Present Construction and Future Development

By Charles E. Lucke


  • Letters

    Correspondence- August 3, 1918

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