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Ports and Terminal Facilities—I

Neglected Economical Problems

By R.S. MacElwee

The Minimum Radiation Visually Perceptible

Value of African Timber now Recognized

Anomalies in the Animal World—Part XII

Anomalies of the Senses in Fishes

By R. W. Shufeldt

Neon Lamps

Army Rations

A Comparative Study

By William H. Newcomb

A Jungle Incubator

By Lee S. Crandall


Its Uses and Possibilities in the War

By Guy E. Mitchell

Game Farming for Pleasure or Profit

By Herbert K. Job

Map Making for the Army

50,000 K.W. Turbo-Electric Generator

The Photography of Insects

By Geo. Grace

Hæmatoxylon Africanum

A Theory of Color Vision

And the Selective Action of the Eye

By R. A. Houston

Definition of Horse-Power

Notes on Testing Hardness of Metals

The Right Use and Application of Methods

By J.W. Craggs

Fuel Economy in Blast Furnaces

No Limit to Inventions and Discoveries

The Solar Surface

Natural Gas used for Lighting at Pisa

Reactions between Solid Substances

A Screen which Transmits Radiations Proportional to the Average Visibility Curve


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