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The Nitrogen Problem in Relation to the War

Resources and Methods for making Materials Required for Explosives

By Arthur A. Noyes

Treatment of War Wounds by Sulphate of Magnesium

Wax from Sugar Cane

Indian Medicines

Numerous Popular Remedies obtained from Forest Trees

By Hu Maxwell

The British Canal System

Familiar Scenes in a Modern Shipyard

Some facts on Wooden Construction

New Method of Extracting Foreign Bodies, using a Radioscopic Screen


Corn is King

Will it become the Base Food

Factors in Causation of Industrial Accidents

Ultra-Violet Transparency of the Lower Atmosphere and its Relative Poverty in Ozone

Sunflowers for Silage

The Madsen Automatic Gun

A Weapon for which Great Efficiency and Certainty of Action is Claimed

Ports and Terminal Facilities—II

Neglected Economical Problems

By R. S. MacElwee

Modern Drawbridges Attain Great Weights and Spans

Die-Casting of Aluminum Bronze

Parallel Jet High-Vacuum Pump


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