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The Psychology of Color—I

Color As A Form Of Consciousness

By Leonard Thompson Troland

Permeability of Balloon Fabrics

Steam from Coke

The Lyre of the Poets

A Small Summer Constellation

By John Candee Dean

Automatic Lighthouses

The Tamarind

By C.D. Mell

The Oceanographic Work of the Royal Italian Committee

A New Heat-Insulating Material

New Disinfection Process for Ships

Dust Inhalation in Mines

Effects on Health

Sugar Making in Cuba

One of the World's Great Sources of Supply

Applications of Experimental Psychology

Scientific Efficiency in Railroad Management

German Aeroplane Design

triplane and bomber

How Bacteria in Milk are Counted

By F.H. Hall

Fuel Economy

Geese as Flesh-Producers

The Diamond

Theories and Experiments in Forming Artificial Gems

By Charles Parsons

The Alterability of Aluminum

And the Properties of its Various Alloys

By Jean Escard

Effects of Cold Working on the Elastic Properties of Steel

The Red Sunflower


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    August 24, 1918

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism