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Modern Aeronautics—I

A Review of some Outstanding Problems

By W. F. Durand

Origin of the Nonius

The Aurora

Is it possible to explain it by means of a Copuscular Ray Theory

By Otto Stuhlmann

The Psychology of Color–II

Color as a form of Consciousness

By Leonard Thompson Troland

Imports of Palm Oil

Waterproofing Compositions

Ancient Methods for Stripping Films

Factors Influencing the Spread of Parasites

The Ornithopter

By Herbert Chatley

National Economy in England

Use of Chromic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide as an Etching Agent

How can Soft Coal be Burned without Smoke in Marine Boilers?

Valonia Tanning Material

Science applied to War

Substitutes for Wheat

Employed in Making Bread for the French Army

Position-Light Signals for Railroad Service

By A. H. Rudd

Printing Ink for Half-Tone Work

The use of Soap Films

In solving Torsion Problems

By A. A. Griffith and G. I. Taylor


On Severe Winters

Contact Insecticides

Physical Properties Governing their Efficacy

By William Moore

The Persian Oilfields

The Preservation of Negatives

Soy-Bean Varieties


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