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Co-Ordination in Munition Work

A Study of Output Under British Conditions

The Importance of the Non-Metallic Inclusions in Steel

The Carbone Method for Retting Textile Plants

Military Searchlights

Switzerland Connected to the Mediterranean

Hardening Copper

Plant or Animal?

By S. Leonard Bastin

Bad Bromides

Modern Aeronautics—II

A Review of Some Outstanding Problems

By W. F. Durand

The Katanga Railway

Electricity Recovering from Electric Traction Lines

Mechanotherapy to Aid Injured Soldiers

Photographic Action of X-Rays

A Souvenir of James Watt

Cotton Seed Products and the Chemical Industries

By Erwin R. Thompson

The Gelation of the Natural Emulsoids

A Subject Which Has Long Been a Matter of Controversy

By S. C. Bradford

Pitch as a Fuel

The Photographic Spectra of Aerolites

The “Grain” of Wood

With Reference to Direction of Fibre

By Arthur Koehler

Rain, Wind and Cyclones

Timber for Construction

The Life of Insects in the Primary Era

A Study of Certain Fossil Remains In France

By August Lameere


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