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The Rubber Industry

And What Science Has Done For It

By J. Bretland Farmer

Silver Acetylide

The Common Snails

Their Relation to Balanced Aquaria

By Ida M. Mellen

Draining the Zuider Zee

On the Correction of Optical Surfaces

By A. A. Michelson

The Manufacture of Oleomargarine

An Historical Review and Description of Modern Methods

Origin of Blackdamp

Apos. Versus Achros

Destroying Aphides and other Garden Operations

New Process for Manufacturing Filaments for Glow Lamps

A Test for Damaged Wheat

Shoes of the French Soldier

A New Type of Iron-Concrete Arch

Manufacture of Paper-Pulp, etc., from Dead Leaves

The Large Power Station

Problems of Control of Electric Generating Stations

The International Bureau of Weights and Measures

Animal Weather Prophets

Refractoriness under Load

An Optical Method for Accurately Dividing a Circle into Degrees

By R. S. Clay

Effect of Silver on Bacteria

Influence of Air Pressure on Fermentation

Prevention of Coal-Dust Explosions in Mines

The Waste Sulphate Liquor Problem

By Bjarne Johnsen

Low-Grade Fuels

Possible Methods of Disposal

Plant Stimulation by Electricity

Soy-Bean Cheese

Carbonization of Wood in Inclined Retorts at Varta Gasworks, Stockholm

Researches in Far Eastern Seasonal Correlations


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