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Heredity, Environment, and Civilization

Factors Controlling Human Behavior As Illustrated By The Natives Of The Southwestern United States

By A. L. Kroeber

The Stokes Bomb-Throwing Gun—I

And Its Development

By Wilfred Stokes

Railway Traffic Improved by Automatic Block Signals

Steam Engines in the Automotive Field

Many Advantages That May Again Bring Them to the Front

By E. T. Adams

The Freedom of the Rhine

The Schoop Metal-Spray Process

Modern Cave Men

Twentieth Century Troglodytes in France

Oil-Seed Production in Indo-China

Brownian Movements

Medusoid Bells

The Murman Railway

Complex Mechanism

German Submarine Designs


Its Rise and Development

Iron and Steel in China

The Prevention and Arrest of Lice-Borne Diseases

Millions of Eggs Produced in this Country Feed No One

The Total Solar Eclipse of June 8, 1918

By H. C. Wilson

Bohr's Theory of the Hydrogen Spectrum

Isopiestic Solutions

The Zorzi System for the Electrolytic Production of Hydrogen and Oxygen

Cashew Nut Tree

The Significance of Glass-Making Processes to the Petrologist

By N. L. Bowen

A Review of Mycology—II

Questions of Biology that Still Demand Study

By P. Vuillemin

Second Part: Symbiosis


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