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The Pathology of War Neuroses

Disorders Not New in Kind, but Now of Frequent Occurrence

By Judson S. Bury

Treatment of Straw for Preparation of Fodder

The Stokes Bomb-Throwing Gun—II

And Its Development

By Wilfred Stokes

Theory of Brownian Movement

Electric Arc Welding in Shipbuilding

Ammonium Nitrate from Coal Gas

An Aspect of Light, Shade, and Color in Modern Warfare

Chocolate and Cocoa

Valuable Foods Extensively Used by Soldiers of Many Armies

Composition of Cognacs and Wine Distillates

The Alsatian Potash Deposits

The Chemistry and Metallography of Aluminium

Laundry Dries Fruit

The Mechanism of the Setting Process in Plaster and Cement

By Cecil H. Desch

The Addition of Steel to Cast Iron

By J. E. Hurst

The Limits of Complete Inflammability of Mixtures of Mine Gases and of Industrial Gases with Air

By George A. Burrell and Alfred W. Gauger

Use of “Couverture” in Antimony Smelting

Anomalies in the Animal World—Part XIII

Fishes of the Most Remarkable Kinds Known to Naturalists

By R. W. Shufeldt

Poisons and Drugs of Animal Origin

By George Barger

Concentration of Sulphuric Acid

Viscosity and Constitution of Lubricating Oils

Carbide as a Propellant


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