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The Invasion of the Trenches by Rats—I

Its Causes and Its Remedies


By Orland Russell Sweeney


A Curious Feature of Ancient Architecture

By J. Tavenor Perry

Standardization of Freight Cars and Locomotives

Chemically Treated Fabrics for Powder Bags

Metals used in Aeroplane Construction

Their Composition and General Characteristics

By Walter J. May

A Simple Plan for Unifying Time in the United States

The use of Creosoted Fir for Marine Construction

By Bror L. Grondal

How Things Break—II

A Study of the Mechanism of Fractures in Materials

By Charles Freminville

New Method of Treating Positive Electrodes of Primary Batteries

The Annealing of Glass

Germans Learned Poison Gas Warfare from Savages

Paving Bricks from Blast-Furnace Slag

The Evolution and Destruction of Life

Effect of Modern Agencies on Wild Birds and Animals

By William Beebe

Quenching Large Forgings

Light Scattered by Dust-Free Air

Scent-Producing Organs of Insects


A Liquid Oxygen Explosive

The Doppler Principle

A Test in Acclimatization

High-Speed Internal-Combustion Engines

Features of Design and Principles of Operation

By Harry R. Ricardo

Wireless Receiver in German Aircraft

A New Waterproof Oil


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