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Why Animals “Play Dead”

A Study of Curious Phenomena in Insect and Animal Life

By Etienne Rabaud

King Cotton has come into his Kingdom

A Bumper Crop when most Needed

Crossed Nerve-Paths Explained

Co-Ordination of Chemical Abstracts in Germany

The Principal Bridges of the World—II

A Comparison of their Size, Importance and Principles of Design

Influence of Carbon Monoxide on the Velocity of Catalytic Hydrogenation of Oils

Experiments on the Manifestation of Osmotic Pressure with Membranes of Chemically Inert Materials

A Study of Percentage Solutions

By Theodore J. Bradley

A Study of Dogs as Carriers and Draught Animals

In Military and Civil Service

By P. Hachet-Souplet

Electrolytic Iron and Nickel-Iron

Quassia Extract as a Contact Insecticide

The Rolling of Ships

Notes on a Problem of Both Comfort and Safety

Focal Length of 40-inch Yerkes Refractor

The Theory of Cyclones and the Method of Foretelling Them

Sandfly Fever or Influenza

Methods of Rapid Nickel Plating

Carrilons-the Art of Bellringing

The Sensibility of the Eye to Light of Different Colors

Platinum in New South Wales

The Preservation of Decaying Stone

with a view to the Conservation of Ancient Buildings

By A. P. Laurie and Clerk Rankin

The Rapid Cure of Hysterical Symptoms in Soldiers

By A. F. Hurst and J. L. M. Symns

Salvaging Sunken Ships


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    November 09, 1918