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The Bio-Chemical Characteristics of Species

Efforts to Discover a Specific Differentiating Substance

By Louis Legrand

The Magpie-Is he Rogue or Fool?

Reinforced Concrete Trestles

Unique Viaducts Substituted for Steel Construction

Some Anthropological Misconceptions

Transmitting Signals between Electric Generating Stations

Chemical Utilization of Seaweed

The Dumping of Government Property

Fixing Photographic Prints without Hypo

Some Preliminary Experiments with Printing Out Paper

By Dudley Kidd

Resilient Wheels for Motor Vehicles


Cork Slabs from Cork Waste

Intensification of Flat Negatives

The Roadrunner

Now Said to Be the Friend of Men

The Treatment of Malaria

Big American Guns in France

The Choice of a Lens

The Ether Ball, Again

Law of Densities in Gaseous Mass

Explosive, Expansive and Perforating Bullets

Used by the German and Austrian Armies

By Claude Pernelle

A Mississippi Barge Fleet

The Food of Jelly-Fishes

The Zeppelin Biplane—II

A Description of a Monster German Bombing Machine of Recent Construction

By Jean Lagorgette

Extraction of Potash from Kelp

By C. A. Higgins

The Eulachon-A Delicious Food Fish

Acetylene Silver


  • Letters

    Correspondence- November 23, 1918

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