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The Relation of the Weather to Agriculture

Increased Production from a Better Climatic Distribution of Cultivated Species

The Hunting Spider

A Marriage Custom in the Sudan

Destruction from the Sky

How Airplane Bombers Go about their Work

Rheostat Design

Heat Conduction and the Gas-Film Theory

The Shortage of the Supply of Non-Phosphoric Iron Ore in Europe

The Early History of the Solar System

Making Hats for our Doughboys

An Elaborate Process Requiring Great Manual Skill

The White Ant

The Treatment of Cases of Shell Shock

In an Advanced Neurological Centre

By William Brown

Synthetic Rubber

Ignition Magneto Construction

Some Points on Design, Magneto Magnetizing and Testing

By H. R. Van Deventer

Meteorology in Relation to Aeronautics—II

A Review of the Data Required by an Aviator when in the Air

By W. H. Dines

A New Refractory and Abrasive Material Called Corindite

Action of Iron Oxide on Silica Bricks


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