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Morphology and Biology

The Anthocyanin Pigments in Plants

And their Chemical, Physiological and Biological Functions

Making Hollow Concrete Articles

The Relation of Light to Health

By Charles E. De M. Sajous

The Oyster Feeds both Man and Plants

Vibration: Mechanical, Musical and Electrical

Dyes in Photography

Their Use in Orthochromatic Work and for Non-Halation Plates

By A. Seyewetz

Estimation of Injurious Dust in Mine Air by the Kotze Konimeter

The Dangers of Explosion

With Inflammable Liquids and Vapors

By W. Payman

The Macoa Indians of Venezuela—I

An Expedition Among a Little Known but Ancient Race

By Theodoor De Booy

Air Compressor Explosions

Habits of the Sparrowhawk

Coal Gas for Motor Vehicles in England

Eradicating the Barberry

The Probable Trend of Aeroplane Design

By R. F. Mann

A Pitched Baseball

The Rationale of Its Seeming “Freaks”

By Willard W. Griffin

Acetylene Mine Lamp

The Tree Wasp

The Formation of the Thread in the Spinning of Artificial Silk

Alcohol from Wood Pulp Refuse

Uniformity in Aerographic Records

The Desirability of Universal Scientific Units

By Alexander McAdie

The “Duct” Keel in Sea-Going Steamers

The Time to Cut Walnut


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    January 04, 1919

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