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Molecular orientations in Physics and in Crystallography—I

A New Hypothesis in the Investigation of Matter

By Albert Perrier

Impurities in Gun Metal

A Meat Substitute in Germany

Steel for Reconstruction

A New Photographic Mordant Dye Process

By Frederic E. Ives

Prune Cultivation in France

The Rat Pest

Rubber-Seed Oil

The Pharmacology of Alcohol

A Powerful Drug the Action of Which has not Been fully Determined

By Robert B. Wild

New Stellar Photometer

The Story of a Grass

The Macoa Indians of Venezuela—II

Expedition Among a Little Known but Ancient Race

By Theodoor De Booy

Industrial Application of the Coloring Matter of the Glumes of the Sweet Sorghum

The Theory of Fertilizers

Asphodel as a Source of Alcohol

The German Dye industry

Sewage Disposal by Dilution

Curious Projectiles

Specimens of German and Austrian Ingenuity

New Process of Spraying Metal

Vulcanization without Sulphur by Ostromyslenski's Method

Aeroplane Accidents

Their Medical Aspect and Their Various Causes

By H. Graeme Anderson

The Principles of Diffusion and their Analogues

A Platinum Substitute

Cadmium in Brass


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    January 11, 1919