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Life and the Structure of Molecules

A Discussion of the Biological Properties Involved

By Am*amp*eacute; Pictet

Measuring Fluctuating Temperatures

Contraband Trade between Switzerland and Germany

Spontaneous Explosion of the Charcoal in Liquid-Oxygen Containers

Japanese Black Mint

War Substitutes for Soap in Germany

Thimbles are Scarce

The Sign of the Zinc Pole in a Battery

The Finest Specimens of White Rhinoceros in Africa

Zirconia as a Refractory

By E. H. Rodd

Effect of Phosphorous on the Qualities of Soft Steel

Leather Preservation

The Ignition Temperature of Gaseous Mixtures

How Matches are made

Ingenious Machinery that Produces Them Cheaply

Synthetic Rubber

Fishes around New York

Antiscorbutic Principles in Limes and Lemons

Method of Standardizing the Fastness of Colors to Light

Fringing Reefs of the Philippine Islands

By W. M. Davis

Taking Photographs from Airplanes and Balloons

Some Special Cameras Developed to Meet Unusual Requirements

By J. A. Lefranc

Rock Paintings by Bushmen


Safety of the Alternating Current Crane

The Interconnection of Economic Botany

And Chemical Industry

By Edward Wheeler

India Utilizing Native Timber

Photographic Method for the Examination of Eggs

Treatment of Caustic Soda Burns

Fat from Low Forms of Animal Life


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    January 25, 1919