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The Rôle of Selection in Evolution—I

An Agency for the Elimination of Variations

By W. E. Castle

Maori Burial Chests

The Palate of Civilized Man

And Its Influence on Agriculture

By David Fairchild

Undamped Currents in “Supper-Conductors”

Pond Collecting: A Tip

Warping of Steel through Repeated Quenching

Causes and Prevention of Myopia

New uses for some Raw Products

Breaking of Liquid Skins

The Production of Copper

Anastigmatic Eyepieces

The Constitution of the Earth's Interior

A Wax Medium and Process for the permanent Coloring of Photographs

By A. Vernon Godbold

The Bacterial Flora of Roquefort Cheese

Resistance of Ships

Stability of Emulsions in the Constricted Tube and Marble Device for Anaerobiosis

An Electro-Magnetic Alternating Current Rectifier

How It can be made by the Amateur

By George F. Haller

The Tonka Beans of Commerce

A New Double Tariff Meter

The Thermo-Locomotive

Electric Welding for Shipbuilding

Lloyd's Chief Ship Surveyor's Views

Phototropy: the Action of Light on Crystals

Exposing on Line Subjects


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