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Some Aspects of Hindu Life in India

An Intimate View of the Family and the Relations of Its Members

By Bhupendranath Basu

Burial Customs and the Belief in Future State

The Hero Shrew

Among the Strangest Animals Known

Shock in Hydraulic Systems

New Elements in Mortar

Anomalies in the Animal World—XV

Anomalies Found among the Invertebrates

By R. W. Shufeldt

A South Carolina Meteor

By Richard H. Sullivan

Standard Weights

Scientific Glassware

Estimating Intelligence

Couch Grass as Malt-Adjunct in Brewing

Transportation on the Magdelena River, Colombia

Unique Methods on One of the Most Interesting Rivers

By Hamilton W. Wright

The Rôle of Selection in Evolution—II

An Agency for the Elimination of Variations

By W. E. Castle

Cold Work on Copper

Reduction of the Oxides of Nitrogen to Ammonia Stability of Nitric Oxide

Discoloration of White Paint

By D. F. Twiss

The Detection of “Ghosts” in Prisms—I

A Method for Developing Prisms Free from Undesirable Reflections

By T. Smith

Action of a Rays on Metals

Spontaneous Combustion in Hay

Industrial Preparation of Argon

Gold at High Temperatures and Pressures

Determination of Arsenic in Dead Bodies

Photographs on Salted Paper

Working Instructions for Its Preparation

By L. Cartwright

A New Textile Fiber

The Cross-sections of Artificial Silks

The Present State of the German Merchant Fleet


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    February 08, 1919