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The Islands of the Pacific

Their Present State and Future Importance

By Everard im Thurn

“Ersatz” Fatal to Wild Animals

A World Language

Canyon de Chelly of Arizona

A Monument of Pre-Historic America

Coke Formation

Concrete Ships Not Efficient Carriers

How Plants and Animals Utilize Color

Pigments that Protect Living Matter against Radiation

Paper-Making from Megass

Increasing Pressure by means of Electrolysis

Carbide Formation and Stability

Theory and Practice of Disinfection by Alcohol

Industrial Waste Products—Methods of Reclamation

Fishing by Machinery

How Salmon are Caught on our North-West Coast

Work Done by 1,500,000 Horses in France during the War

Vermiform Appendix in the Wombat

The Mentality of the War Prisoner

Exposure Meters

Hot Wire Anemometry

Its Principles and Applications

By J. S. G. Thomas

Electric Heater for use in the Analytical Distillation of Gasoline

Telescopic Eyepieces

Mortality Due to Snakes and Wild Animals in India

The Detection of “Ghosts” in Prisms—II

A Method of Developing Prisms Free from Undesirable Reflections

By T. Smith

Sulphate of Copper Process

Conservation of Men on our Railroads

Photo-Chemical Reactions in Photography

Notes on Kite Flying

For Meteorological Observations

By Vincent E. Jakl

Production of Metallic Coatings

Removing Temper from Hardened Steel


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    February 15, 1919

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism