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The Chemistry of Flavoring Matters—I

The Relationship between the Constitution of a Body and its Taste

By Francois Barral

The Skoda Works—Austria's Great Munitions Factory

Lead Alloys

Embroidery by Wholesale

How the Chevrons of our Army and Navy are Made

Diffraction Phenomena of Cultures of Micro-Organisms

A Museum as a Laboratory

An Institution of Practical Value to Designers and Manufacturers

Determination of the Adhesiveness of Glue

The Pleistocene Man of Vero, Florida

A Review of the Latest Evidence and Theories

By F. H. Sterns

Substitutes for Lubricating Oil

Titanium and Rutile

The Camelidæ of the New World

South American Relatives of the Camel

By Edward Albes

Annealing Aluminium

Big Mercury-Vapor Rectifiers

Action of Laundry Agents on Textiles

Manufacture of Charcoal as an Economic Measure

A Valuable By-Product Readily made from Lumber Mill Waste

By Helge Sylven

Monel Metal

Equality of Man

“Tetraphosphate” of Lime

Gas Fired Melting Furnaces without Crucibles

Some Compounds of Lead

Spitzbergen's Minerals

Curious Case of Absence of Sensation

Detection of Hook Worm Disease

The Trim of Ships

Effects on Design and Use

Docking a Dock

Photographic Copying

Preventing Growth in Grey Cast Iron

Improved Locomotive Service


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