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The Phenomenon of “Optimum” Fluorescence in Relation to Molecular Transformation

By Jean Perrin

Prejudicial Effects of Treatment with formalin upon the Germination of Seeds

The Rôle of the Catalyst

Oyster Cultivation in Holland

Science in Cacao Production

By A. W. Knapp

Ocean Temperatures in Long-Range Forcasting

By Charles F. Brooks

The Medicolegal Aspects of Radium-Therapy

By Joseph B. Bissel

The Canal in the Problem of Transportation

What New York has Done in its Modern Development

By G. P. Gleason

On the Lubricating and other Properties of Thin Oily Films

By Lord Rayleigh

Recent Developments in by-Product Coking in England

Reflecting Prisms

Their Use in Place of Mirrors and the Geometry of Various Forms

By T. Y. Baker

Color Vision

The Perception of Sound

Strontium in Copper Castings

Agricultural Fertilizers

The Raw Materials, Their Source and Characteristics

Prentice Pillars

How Flowers Were Named

Bohr's Atomic Hypothesis


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