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The Naval Forces of Old Poland

Additional Facts About the Naval Forces of Poland in 1863, During the Revolution Against Russia

By Z. Komorowski

Gas for Raising Steam

Gas offense Preparation in the United States

A Record Achievement

Dispersoidology and the theory of von Weimarn

Some Remarks Upon the Significance of the Crystal and Colloid States

By S. C. Bradford

The Study of the Sediments as an aid to the Earth Historian

By Eliot Blackwelder

The Manufacture of Wall-Paper

Interesting Process Carried Out in the Production of This Well-Known Household Commodity

The Way of a Ship at Sea

Stream Line Motions and Waves

Scattering of Light by Dust-free Air

Wearing and Antifrictional Qualities of Cast Iron

A New Theory of Magnetism

A Novel Observation upon Mosquitoes

Some Notes Regarding Their Flight Through Horizontal Water Pipes

By W. W. King

Replacement of Platinum in apparatus for Electrolysis


The Phenomenon of “Optimum” Fluorescence in Relation to Molecular Transformation

By Jean Perrin

Trees for the Desert

Uncle Sam to Re-Forrest Barren Areas

By Arthur L. Dahl

Effects of Hurricanes on the upper-Air Currents

Uncut Books are now Looked upon as Back Numbers

Lunar Theories

A Heliocentric Suggestion That Calls for Some Attention

By J. Hardcastle


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