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The New American Merchant Marine—I

A Plan for the Ownership and Operation of the Vessels Built for the Government by the U.S.Shipping Board

By Edward N. Hurley

The Bulk of Commodities

Insect Tyrants

The Army Ant and Some of His Methods

By William Beebe

The Louse that Annoys Armies abroad and People at Home

Ready for Overseas Flight

The Vegetable Oil Industry of Japan

The Marine Diesel Oil Engine

A Discussion of Certain of the Problems Which Its Use Involves

By John W. Anderson

Salvage Work in New York Harbor

Raising of Sunken Barges and Other Harbor Craft a Frequent Necessity Photos copyright by Press Illustrating Service

High Temperature in Engineering

Soy Bean Milk

Alcoholic Fermentation of Banana-Must

The Dustfall of March, 1918

Conclusions as to the Possibilities of the Wind as a Geologic Agent

By A. N. Winchell and E. R. Miller

Long-Range Guns

Gases in Alloy Steel

The Perception of Sound

Newton and the Colors of the Spectrum

An Inquiry into the Reasons for Certain of the Great Philosopher's Viewpoints

By R. A. Houstoun

Rubber Substitute from German Plants

Ancient Trade Weights of the East

Locating Submarine Faults

Removal of Iron from Drinking Water

The Antiquity of the Tamil Speech

An Investigation into the Beginnings of the Language of Southern India

By J. Lazarus

Radium and Radio-Activity—III

A Consideration of Some of the Physical and Chemical Aspects

By Charles H. Viol

Bone Grafts

How the Latent Image on Photographic Plates is Developed

Prism Binoculars for Detecting Diplopia

Latent Images in Glass


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