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What the Weather Man Thinks of Ocean Flying—I

Trans-Atlantic Flight from the Meteorologist's Point of View

By Willis Rey Gregg

New Process for making Parabolic Mirrors

The Coconut Palm

Its Culture and Uses, with Special Reference to the Industry in the Philippine Islands

By P. J. Wester

High Vacua and their Measurement

Acetic Acid

Radio Telephony—III

A Final Survey of the Problems Solved and the Future Rôle of Wireless Speech

By E. B. Craft and E. H. Colpitts

Manganese Alloys in Open-Hearth Steel Practice

How Much of this Element, and in What Form, Represents the Best Usage?

By Samuel L. Hoyt

Our Liquid Fuel

Methods and Magnitude of Petroleum Production in the United States

Estimating the Distance of Earthquakes

The Threshold of Vision

Animal and Vegetable Rennets

their Properties, their Preparation, and their Mode of Action

Animal Luminescence and Symbiotic Microbes

New Light upon the Much-Debated Question of Pasteur's Beneficent Organisms

By Umberto Pierantoni

Fundamental Concept of Physics

The Homing Habits of the Pulmonate Mollusk Oncidium

Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Dyer Island, Bermuda

By Leslie B. Arey and W. J. Crozier


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