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Prosthesis of the Lower Limb

A Summary of British Experience and Practice

Keeping the Propeller Dry

The Use of Aluminum Leaf in Making Wood Proof against Moisture

By M. E. Dunlap

The Magnetic Field of the Sun

Changes of Ocean Level

The Isostatic Subsidence of Volcanic Islands

By W. M. Davis

The Cedars of Lebanon

References to the Trees of Great Age That Form the Nucleus of the Historic Grove

By A. Henry

Flowers and Tiny Animals in Glass

A Little Known Branch of the Blower's Art Turned to Account by the Natural History Museums Photographs Copyright by Publishers' Photo Service

Agricultural Possibilities of the Sahara

Some Things that might be used

A Survey_of the Waste That Makes Woeful Want, Whether or No It Be Wilful

By John Waddell

What the Weather Man Thinks of Ocean Flying—II

Trans-Atlantic Flight from the Meteorologist's Point of View

By Willis Rey Gregg

Manganese alloys in Open-Hearth Steel Practice

America and German Science


The Selling of Patent Rights

Methods by Which an Inventor May Obtain Satisfactory Returns from His Patent

By Ford W. Harris


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