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Stellar Evolution

An Attempt to Correlate Two Outstanding Problems of Physics

By William Duncan MacMillan

A Miniature from the Past

Dwellers in Arizona Today Who Appear to be Left-Overs from the Stone Age

Industrial Substitutes in Germany

The Significance of Dreams

The Freudian Theory of Psycho-Analysis Illustrated

By Eugenio Rignano

Two-Cycle Paraffin Oil Engine

The Action of Ultra-Violet Rays on SugarCane, Pineapple and Banana in Hawail

By T. Tsuji

Sea Lions and the Fishery Industries

By C. H. Townsend

Saving our Cattle

Government Cattle and Meat Inspection Service

Iron as a Source of Color in Optical Glass

Refractory Materials and the Glass Industry

The Present Status of Nitrogen Fixation

The Several Processes Contrasted on the Basis of their Showing to Date

By Alfred H. White

Rapid Estimation of Lead in Brass and Alloys

The Anthropology of Poland

The Metallurgy of Copper

A Few of the Fundamentals Connected with its Production and Use

By Thomas H. A. Eastdick

Scientific Signalling and Safety at Sea

Modern Efforts to Protect the Mariner from Fog and other Perils


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