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Electricity and Matter

The Major Points in the Case for the Electron

On Nucleic Acid and its Analytical Examination

By A. C. Chapman

Electric Propulsion for the U.S.S. New Mexico—I

The Highly Efficient Generators of our New Dreadnought

By C. S. Raymond

Improved Sparking Coil

Synthetic Rubber

Recent Developments in Marine Lighting—I

The Present Status of the Attended Light and Lightship

A Giant Insect

The Cyphocrania Gigas of the Island of Amboyna

By G. Fouchier

Organic Matter and Life

Light Thrown upon Life Processes by the Study of Connective Tissue

By J. Nageotte

The Races of Russia—I

A Brief Outline of the Ethnic Background of the Czar's Former Domain

By Ale*amp*scaron; Hrdli*amp*ccaron;ka

Packing for Export

Appropriate Methods Resulted in Saving Tonnage and Wares

By H. R. Moody

Some Zinc and Aluminum Alloys

By Walter J. May

The Oxidation of Ammonia

By J. R. Partington


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