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Making the Universal Reagent

The Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid by the Chamber Process

By T. R. Horney

Influence of the Magnetic Field on the Initial Phase of the Electric Discharge

The Abrasion-Meter

A Device for Determining the Cutting Efficiency of Abrasive Wheels

By Raymond Francis Yates

Celebes Ore Deposits

Measurement of Heat Losses through Insulating Materials

A New Dew-Gage (Drosometer)

The Color of Water—I

A Valuable Compendium of the Literature on a Neglected Subject

By Wilder D. Bancroft

The Electric Dog

Use of the Selenium Cell to make an Orientation Mechanism

By Benjamin Franklin Miessner

A Unique form of Prehistoric Pottery

The Races of Russia—II

A Brief Outline of the Ethnic Background of the Czar's Former Domain

By Ale*amp*scirc; Hrdli*amp*ccirc;ka

The Shell Builders-III

A Brief Introduction to the Study of Conchology

By R. W. Shufeldt

Super-Conductivity of Metals at Low Temperature

Spectrum Analysis and Atomic Structure

A Remarkable Application of the Quantum Theory

By J. J. Thomson

Text Books vs. Practice

By Carl Hering

Tin-Mining in the Dutch Indies

Ship and Cargo in One


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